E-World Championships 2021
of precision flight


Position Pays Pilote Score
1 Charly 86.85
2 PilotoF-22 86
3 MisterPepe 77.91
4 guitou1111 77.43
5 Soukee 76.96
6 Clarke 74.6
7 Thibault 74.57
8 Gripen 73.75
9 Colchix33 73.7
10 FGILT 73.58
11 Ralingsmurf 73.24
12 Myutcavion 72.65
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Are you an ace pilot exclusively in the simulator?
You are an ace pilot with your butt in a real cockpit and are just discovering the simulation?
You master the simu as well as the aircraft?
Come and compete with the best, show your piloting precision!

This could be your chance to be selected by the pros.

3… 2… 1… TOP!

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the championships

TOP PILOTS© is the first virtual World Championship of precision flight for all aviators.

Open to all types of participants, pilots and flight simmers, competitors will compete in several series of events, from ultralights to military jets, presenting numerous complex flight situations that will allow participants to demonstrate their decision-making skills, commitment and resilience in high cognitive load environments.


Events based on flight precision where the quality of decision making will make the difference between the competitors. The point system is inspired by those of the real world flying championships.


In this category of Combat, shooting accuracy is added to the events and the score calculation is based on metrics also used in fighter aviation.


With the TOP PILOTS© Challenge, the most promising pilots benefit from precise and personalized coaching from a dozen of the most experienced pilots and instructors in military and civil aviation, gathered around Etienne Bauer. Meet them.

Etienne Bauer
Current Director of Operations at the Landivisiau Naval Air Station, former Commander of the 12F Flotilla, Rafale Marine pilot and instructor. As General Manager of the SAFETYN’Academy and Master SAFETYN’Coach, Etienne defines the tests on which the candidates will compete and coordinates the squadrons led by the Coaches.

Paco Wallaert
Pilot of the prestigious Patrouille de France then of the Team Sparflex for 3 years, Paco is now a professional coach and mental trainer. He accompanies the finalists to help them excel and become TOP PILOTS©.

Marc Croizer
A former fighter pilot and Air Force Colonel, Marc has managed the Sécurité Civile aircraft base and the Risk Management Office of the Air Force Headquarters. He offers TOP PILOTS© candidates his expertise and his valuable advice.

Catherine Maunoury
Catherine is several times world champion in aerobatics and current president of the Aero Club of France. She is the godmother of SAFETYN and will be a special guest at TOP PILOTS©.

From virtual to real,
and vice versa

The winners of the TOP PILOTS© Challenge will be accompanied at the end of this season 2021 in the continuation of their development by pilots, and in particular in real flight.

2 categories of challenges

The two categories of the championship will take place on the same scheme of selection phases, with a shift in time so that you can participate in the 2 categories of challenges.

From July 15 to November 6, 2021

Discover the process and the missions

From November 17, 2021 to March 13, 2022

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Precision piloting e-sport competition organized by TOP PILOTS:
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