Top Pilots’

How to participate in the championship?

To participate in Top Pilots, you must first register by filling out the registration form on the site. The participation is then effective by participating in the Open event between September 25th and October 3rd. However, it is possible to train on training missions from July 15th.

1-Register on top-pilots website

2-Having downloaded and configured MSFS2020

3-Download and install the software Top Pilots Precision

4-Read the briefings and launch the missions on the software

These steps need to be done only once. However, it may be necessary to update the Top Pilots software or MSFS2020. You will be explicitly asked to do so directly on the software.


To access it, go to the section *Precision Championship* and click on Mission details. The briefing indicates:

  • The location, the aircraft, the weather of the mission
  • The objective of the mission
  • Actions to be triggered during the mission by Voice Command
  • Rating criteria and penalties

Images describe:

  • The navigation map of the mission
  • The mission zone
  • Mission-specific content

The briefing should be read carefully to understand the objective of the mission and to make the best possible score!

Once the briefing is over, it’s time to fly!

Installation and mission launch

Once registered, briefing completed, MSFS2020 downloaded and installed, download Top Pilots Precision software.

  • Run the downloaded .exe file
  • Windows Defender may prevent installation.
  • Click on “Additional information” then “Run anyway”.
  • The installer will automatically find the “Community” folder. If not, enter its address. Please note the path depends on how you installed MSFS2020 : Steam or other.

To start the mission:

  • Run the software Top Pilots Precision
  • Login to your created account on with your pseudo.
  • Select the mission that you want to play
  • Click on Download. The mission is downloaded.

Once the mission is downloaded, you can start any flight on MSFS2020:

  • Run MSFS2020, the indicator FS Ready turns to orange.
  • Start any flight (Go to World Map, select a departure airport and an aircraft, click on Fly then Ready to Fly. Once the flight is loaded, the indicator FS Ready turns to green.
  • Go back to the software Top Pilots and click on Start on the mission you want to play. A new flight loads, the indicator Active turns to green, a red banner appears at the top of the page, you are ready to fly.
During the mission

During the mission you are guided by messages that appear on the screen and tower/pilot communications.

A red banner at the top of the screen indicates any penalties.

The mission ends in case of:

  • Landing at the end of the mission
  • Crash
  • Proven cheating (triggering the autopilot or changing the weather conditions)
  • Clicking on Restart mission or End mission

Once the mission is completed, your score and ranking will appear on the mission page. Your position in the general ranking appears on the championship page and on the mission page. This information is also available, once you log in the section Cockpit on the website

FS2020 Configuration

It is recommended to have at least a joystick (or a yoke) and a throttle. Ideally it is recommended to have a rudder pedal as well.

VR (virtual reality) or IR Tracking devices can be useful but not mandatory.

The elements to be configured before the beginning of the missions are at least the following items:

  • Disable ATC from MSFS2020 : Top Pilots has its own control. (Options-> assistance -> User Experience : ATC voices OFF).
  • Assign the Parking brake, Flaps and evelator trim controls.
  • Assign the TOGGLE LOGO LIGHT command to a key to replace and /or redound the Voice Command
  • Microphone and audio output : to be selected in the settings tab of the Top Pilots Precision software
  • Shortcuts to change the view (cockpit/outside) can help depending on the pilot’s preference

A few

  • If you download the mission after launching MSFS2020, it may be necessary to restart MSFS2020 to take the mission into account
  • It is recommended to test the voice command before starting a mission with the Voice Command
  • If you do not wish to use the Voice Command to launch the actions, you are asked to set a shortcut on your keyboard, joystick or throttle to the function TOGGLE LOGO LIGHT. The triggering of this command will replace the voice command “3 2 1 Top”
  • If you fly in VR, it is recommended to check the box VR Mode in the tab Settings. This allows for a better recording of the video in VR.
  • If you choose the airport of departure that corresponds to your mission, the visual rendering will be better
  • If the mission was downloaded a while ago, you may sometimes be asked to Update the mission. In the case, click on Update. You may then be asked to restart MSFS2020 and any flight.
  • It is possible to collapse the Top Pilots Precision software by clicking on the blue banner. To expand it, simply click on it again.
  • It is not possible to pause a mission. It will conduct to a mission fail.
  • It is recommended to make, before the start of the mission, the adjustments of the controls (flaps, trim in particular).
  • In order to connect to the Top Pilots software, use your pseudo.

To play download the software
Top-Pilots player for FS2020