Drop of paratroopers
in Fiji

Game conditions

At the controls of the Grand Caravan, your mission is to drop five paratroopers into the dropzone of Malolo Island in Fiji. Will you be up to the task?

  • Time : 20min​
  • Aircraft : Cessna Grand Caravan (C208)​
  • Location : Fiji, Nadi International Airport (NFFN) → Malolo Lailai Airport (NFFO) ​QFU 33
  • Weather : Scattered cumulus at 4000ft and very light wind from 230° for 3kt
  • METAR NFFN 23003KT 9999 BKN040 24/13 Q1030​

Departing from Nadi airport in Fiji, your mission is to reach Malolo island with the Cessna Grand Caravan to drop five paratroopers at 10000ft and then land on the Malolo field to recover them.

Optimal drop guidelines
  • Speed : 75 kt​
  • Altitude : 10000 ft​
  • The start of the drop is controlled by voice recognition: “Three Two One TOP” ​
  • Dropzone : Malolo’s vertical terrain within 1300m
  • Takeoff/Drop Time : Fly efficiently to get to the dropzone as quickly as possible at the right altitude.​
  • Drop : Drop the parachutists in the right area, at the right speed and altitude. Be precise!
  • Landing : Make your best landing on the target. Any deviation or bounce will be penalized.

Penalties cause the loss of points on the final score:

  • Not complying with VMC conditions (cloud distancing)
  • Stall​ing
  • Leaving the mission zone 


Navigation map

Map : trajectory to follow

Mission zone

Mission zone to be respected. Full screen here.

Drop zone

Drop zone for paratroopers: 1300 m of radius at 10 000ft centered on the Malolo NFFO field


To play Download the software Top Pilots Player for MSFS2020

IMPORTANT Make sure you have :

  • Disabled MSFS2020 ATC : Top Pilots has its own control.
    • Options -> Assistance -> User Experience -> ATC voices OFF
    • Options -> Assistance ->Piloting ->Assistance -> Delegate ATC to AI OFF
  • Assigned the TOGGLE LOGO LIGHT command to a key to replace and/or redound the Voice Command.


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General ranking

Pilote Note globale Position
Charly 95 1
Waphane 88.4899 2
Harfang 88 3
Hazza940 87.666 4
Max-ou 86 5
bws 84.6849 6
guitou1111 84.294 7
MisterPepe 84 8
etienne13 84 9
smitty 83 10


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