Process and missions
of the world championship of precision e-piloting

The TOP PILOTS© challenges are inspired by real-life situations: precision championships, air rallies, and the operational reality of civil or military aviation pilots. Each test evaluates the quality of piloting according to three main criteria: the pilot’s observation, the quality of the landing and the efficiency of the mission.

Performance is evaluated based on the pilot’s ability to complete the mission in its entirety and in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

Attention! Penalties will be attributed in the case of dangerous piloting behavior (risky maneuvers, leaving the flight domain, etc…), non-compliance with procedures and violations of aeronautical rules (penetration of prohibited areas, flying over houses…).

How to participate in the championship?

To participate in Top Pilots, you must first register by filling out the registration form on the site. The participation is then effective by participating in the Open event between September 25th and October 3rd. However, it is possible to train on training missions from July 15th.

1-Register on top-pilots website

2-Having downloaded and configured MSFS2020

3-Download and install the software Top Pilots Precision

4-Read the briefings and launch the missions on the software

These steps need to be done only once. However, it may be necessary to update the Top Pilots software or MSFS2020. You will be explicitly asked to do so directly on the software.


Play and replay the missions as many times as you like.

Three missions open from July 2021, for all pilots who want to test themselves on missions similar to the competition. Discover the Top-Pilots plugin for FS2020 and get familiar with precision flight missions.

Training missions - Opening: July 15th, 2021 to September 24th, 2021

Drop of paratroopers in Fiji

At the controls of the Grand Caravan, your mission is to drop five paratroopers into the dropzone of Malolo Island in Fiji. Will you be up to the task?

Mission details

Sea rescue

Back from sailing, Control asks you to go and find a boat in distress. Will you find it in time?

Mission details

Patrol in Hawaii

You take advantage of the sunset to join your friend in flight and perform a patrol along the Hawaiian cliffs.

Mission details
Open selection

The competition is on!

Complete the OPEN Selection mission and join the 50 players who will qualify for the next round of the competition.

The Open Selection Mission - From Sept 25th to Oct 10th 2021

Airdropping trout in Colorado

Colorado Parks & Wildlife asks you to restock isolated lakes with trout. You are leaving with your C152 in windy conditions.

Mission details
Top 12 selection

The top 43 players will compete in the Precision Semi-Finals on October 16 & 17, 2021. Only the top 12 players in the following 3 missions will advance to the Grand Final.

Top 12 Selection - 16 & 17 octobre 2021

Arctic Emergency

As you practice arctic bushflight with your skate Xcub, the control asks you to investigate a crash that has just occured not far from  your location.

Mission details

Bush Transport

You are a bush pilot in Papua New Guinea. On a liaison flight, you are asked to drop medical equipment on the Guwasa airfield by a low flyby over the runway…

Mission details

Swiss Flyby

As you enyoy the view of the Oberland at 12,500 ft, you have a radio broadcast failure. The control warns you, Charlie Hotel, a DA40 in the area offers to escort you to Reichenbach. A beautiful patrol is coming…

Mission details

Top 12

Position Pays Pilote Score
1 Charly 86.85
2 PilotoF-22 86
3 MisterPepe 77.91
4 guitou1111 77.43
5 Soukee 76.96
6 Clarke 74.6
7 Thibault 74.57
8 Gripen 73.75
9 Colchix33 73.7
10 FGILT 73.58
11 Ralingsmurf 73.24
12 Myutcavion 72.65

My Rank

Please register and make your first flight to be classified

Precision Grand Final – November 6th and 7th, 2021


Throughout the competition, the coaches will give you their tips and analysis of missions.
Share your runs with the community and have them commented by a coach.

Etienne Bauer

Current Director of Operations at the Landivisiau Naval Air Station, former Commander of the 12F Flotilla, Rafale Marine pilot and instructor. As General Manager of the SAFETYN’Academy and Master SAFETYN’Coach, Etienne defines the tests on which the candidates will compete and coordinates the squadrons led by the coaches.

Paco Wallaert

Pilot of the prestigious Patrouille de France then of the Team Sparflex (ex-patrol Breitling) for 3 years, Paco is now a professional coach and mental trainer. He accompanies the finalists to help them excel and become TOP PILOTS©.

Marc Croizer

A former fighter pilot and Air Force Colonel, Marc has managed the Sécurité Civile aircraft base and the Risk Management Office of the Air Force Headquarters. He offers TOP PILOTS© candidates his expertise and his valuable advice.

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