Game conditions

The Saint Barthélémy hospital assigns you to transport an organ to the island of Saint Martin. You start the engine of your TBM930 and take off just before sunrise …

  • Time : 15min​
  • Aircraft : Daher TBM930
  • Location : Saint Barthelemy (TFFJ) QFU 10 –> Saint Martin (TFFG) QFU 30
  • Weather :
  • Blue sky but wind from 176° for 15 knots
  • METAR TFFJ 18015G12KT 9999 SKC 24/22 Q1027

You take off from Saint Barthélémy airport with an organ on board. The take-off procedure requires you to climb in the axis at 100kts and 15° slope to navigation point 1 (navpoint). Nothing scary for this plane. The circuit then takes you towards navpoint 2 vertically from Île Fourchue at 5000ft then towards navpoint 3 at Saint Martin. Follow the control instructions very precisely. CAUTION, you must avoid any excessive load factor to preserve the organ. Be smooth but fast! After a 360° wait, you land in long final on the terrain of Saint Martin runway 30.

360° Guidelines
  • Activation of the marking at the beginning of the 360° by voice recognition: “Three Two One TOP”
  • 360° centered on the position of the radio tower
  • Altitude: 1000ft as stable as possible
  • End of marking after 360° of scrolling
  • Turning direction at your convenience
  • Observation : follow exactly the control order to arrive on time on each points. Too fast or to slow and you lose point !
  • Precision of the 360: be precise and do a perfect circle at the right altitude.
  • Landing: make your best landing on the target. Any deviation and rebound will be penalized.

Penalties cause the loss of points on the final score:

  • Keep VMC conditions : keep your distance to clouds
  • Stall​ing : be careful with slow speeds
  • Leaving the mission zone : stay in the allowed area
  • Load Factor : keep a load factor between 0G and 2G

A mission failure occurs if the aircraft is crashed or if its VNE (max speed) is exceeded.


Navigation map

Please take note of the map. Activate the “OpenCycleMap” map below to see the relief. Click here for full screen.

Aircraft performance

It is important to know the limits of your aircraft to fly efficiently and safely.

360 guidelines

Say “Three Two One TOP” to start the waiting 360 at 1000 ft AMSL


To play Download the software Top Pilots Player for MSFS2020

IMPORTANT Make sure you have :

  • Disabled MSFS2020 ATC : Top Pilots has its own control.
    • Options -> Assistance -> User Experience -> ATC voices OFF
    • Options -> Assistance ->Piloting ->Assistance -> Delegate ATC to AI OFF
  • Activated MSFS2020 points of interest (POI)
  • Assigned the TOGGLE LOGO LIGHT command to a key to replace and/or redound the Voice Command.


My rank

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General ranking

Pilote Note globale Position
Colchix33 81.9737 1
Myutcavion 78.0559 2
guitou1111 74.2244 3
PilotoF-22 71.6266 4
MisterPepe 71.5401 5
FGILT 69.84 6
Charly 65.16 7
Soukee 64.7828 8
Gripen 62.3901 9
Thibault 56.3777 10


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Review the key moments of your mission from the Top Pilots Debrief debriefing platform. Analyze your track and relive your flight to objectively debrief your performance and improve your score.


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