Game conditions

You leave early in the morning for a cruise along the coast with Delta Bravo on patrol. After Ipanema beach, you go to Christ the Redeemer for a memorable photo!

  • Time : 15min​
  • Aircraft : Cessna Skyhawk C172
  • Location : Jacarepagua Airport (SBJR) QFU21, Brazil → Santos Dumont, Brazil  (SBRJ) QFU 02
  • Weather :
  • Blue sky and light wind from 270° for 2 knots
  • METAR SBJR 27002KT 9999 SKC 28/27 Q1030

You take off at Jacarepagua runway 21 and find Delta Bravo waiting for you at the wind turbine around 1300ft. Say 321TOP to initiate the patrol and follow DB 1300ft and 100kts to Ipanema. Once the patrol is over, head to Christ the Redeemer and use 321TOP to attempt to reproduce the photo below (Be sure to calibrate your plugin in the tab “Settings” before the flight). Land at Santos Dumont runway 02.

Patrol Guidelines
  • To activate the patrol, say “Three Two One TOP”.

    1. Maintain a distance between 5 and 35 meters
    2. Maintain a bearing between 120° and 240° (or from 4h to 8h)
    3. Maintain a leveling between -30° and
  • An audio signal will alert you when you are in position.
  • The closer, the more point you get but do not endanger Delta Bravo
  • Observation : Be fast to join Delta Bravo. The faster, the better
  • Patrol accuracy: maintain the patrol the longest time possible and the closest possible. Careful, a collision will result in mission failure.
  • Landing: make your best landing on the target. Any deviation or bounce will be penalized.

Penalties cause the loss of points on the final score:

  • Keep VMC conditions : keep your distance to clouds
  • Stall​ing : be careful with slow speeds
  • Leaving the mission zone : stay in the allowed area

A mission failure occurs if the aircraft is crashed or if its VNE (max speed) is exceeded.


Navigation map

Please take note of the map. Activate the “OpenCycleMap” map below to see the relief. Click here for full screen.

Patrol conditions

The conditions of bearing, leveling and distances must be respected to be on Patrol.


Say “Three Two One TOP” to try to take this exact picture (screenshot of where you are looking at).


To play Download the software Top Pilots Player for MSFS2020

IMPORTANT Make sure you have :

  • Disabled MSFS2020 ATC : Top Pilots has its own control.
    • Options -> Assistance -> User Experience -> ATC voices OFF
    • Options -> Assistance ->Piloting ->Assistance -> Delegate ATC to AI OFF
  • Activated MSFS2020 points of interest (POI)
  • Assigned the TOGGLE LOGO LIGHT command to a key to replace and/or redound the Voice Command.


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General ranking

Pilote Note globale Position
Charly 88.2793 1
Clarke 75.8692 2
Gripen 71.0914 3
FGILT 70.6333 4
MisterPepe 68.0197 5
PilotoF-22 66.7543 6
guitou1111 65.1398 7
Ralingsmurf 59.962 8
Myutcavion 53.0414 9
Thibault 48.0121 10


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