Game conditions

Back from sailing, Control asks you to go and find a boat in distress. Will you find it in time?

  • Time: 20min​
  • Aircraft: Diamond DA40
  • Location: BretagneUshant (LFEC) terrain
  • Weather: Dense stratus layer at 4500ft and strong wind from 260° for 20kt
  • METAR LFEC 26020KT 5000 OVC045 24/13 Q1010 ​

On your way back to Brest after sailing in DA40 towards England, Control reports a boat in distress south of Ushant Island. You divert to search for the boat before marking it on the radar by doing a 360° around its position. The lack of fuel forces you to land in Ushant.

Instructions for marking the boat
  • Activation of the marking at the beginning of the 360° by voice recognition: “Three Two One TOP”
  • 360° centered on the boat’s position
  • Altitude: as stable as possible
  • End of marking after 360° of scrolling
  • Turning direction at your convenience
  • Search time: be fast!
  • Marking precision : maintain your altitude and center your 360° on the boat!
  • Landing: make your best landing on the target. Any deviation will be penalized.

Penalties cause the loss of points on the final score:

  • Not complying with VMC conditions (cloud distancing)​
  • Stalling​
  • Leaving the mission zone



This is the sinking ship. Mark it with a 360°.

Mission zone

Mission zone to be respected. Watch your minimum altitude of 500ft!


Mark the target with a regular 360° at a constant altitude. At your signal: “Three Two One TOP”!


To play Download the software Top Pilots Player for MSFS2020

IMPORTANT Make sure you have :

  • Disabled MSFS2020 ATC : Top Pilots has its own control.
    • Options -> Assistance -> User Experience -> ATC voices OFF
    • Options -> Assistance ->Piloting ->Assistance -> Delegate ATC to AI OFF
  • Assigned the TOGGLE LOGO LIGHT command to a key to replace and/or redound the Voice Command.


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Charly 89 1
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Waphane 85.8198 3
MisterPepe 85 4
grogeta74 84 5
FGILT 82 6
mafalda0660 82 7
JustDave84 82 8
MaxTM 79 9
eyra63000 79 10


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